Is Miso Soup Keto?

Many people wonder is Miso soup keto friendly. Miso soup is a traditional Japanese broth made with fermented soybeans, seaweed and lots of onion and garlic. It’s salty and savory, making it the perfect addition to any meal.

However, most Miso soup recipes have large amounts of sodium from MSG, soy sauce and salt so it is a good idea to limit the sodium.

Miso soup is low in fat, so make sure to balance your meal with some healthy fats such as:

  • avocados and avocado oil
  • nuts, such as walnuts, macadamias, almonds, and Brazil nuts
  • seeds, such as flax and pumpkin seeds
  • oily fish, such as salmon, tuna, anchovies, and sardines
  • olives and olive oil

Making miso soup low carb isn’t difficult if you use the right ingredients and spices. This recipe has only 10 grams of net carbs per serving, which makes it a perfect side dish or snack for people who follow a ketogenic diet or other low-carb diets.

Nutritional Details:

Miso Soup

per 1 cup (241 g):

2.4g net carbs
3g fats
5.8g protein
59 calories

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Keto Miso Soup

This miso soup is the quick version of the original and using commonly found ingredients.
Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
Course Side Dish, Soup
Cuisine KETO
Servings 2 people


  • 4 Cups Water
  • 1/8 oz 100% All Natural Sea Salt Premium Roasted Seaweed Snack
  • 4 oz Tofu, Raw, Cooked, Firm
  • 1 tsp Fish Sauce


  • Dice firm tofu into a very small dice. Julienne seaweed snacks. Then combine all the ingredients in a medium saucepan and bring to a boil until hot.
  • Ensure miso paste is fully dissolved.
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